Overview of Services

At Big Sky Endurance Sports, we have been athletes in many types of events and have directed triathlons, duathlons, and running events, and as a result, we better understand what your participants want. We are equipped to time 5-point or 3-point triathlons, running events, open-water swimming, duathlons, mountain biking, relays, road racing, paddle board events, Nordic skiing and we even time multiple events simultaneously. We have the technology to time remote locations with live results feed to the finish line. We can help make your next event a success by providing you with the tools and services that you need in order to make your participants happy.

We time water finishes such as Race The Lake Of The Sky

Timing Services

  • Program Scoring Software with Applicable Divisions, Teams, and Awards;
  • All Timing and Scoring Equipment Needed for Producing Accurate and Lightning Fast Results for Any Event;
  • Post Live Results to our Website with Sponsor Logo or Event Photo as Background;
  • Post Live Searchable Overall results table to our website;
  • Post Preliminary Results at the Event shortly after the first finishers cross the line;
  • Customized Results Format for Your Specific Event;
  • Website Hosting of Race Date, Link to Race Website and Results;
  • Bib Number Listing of Athletes for Announcer and Other Race Officials;
  • Alphabetical Listing of All Registered Athletes for Registration;
  • Complete Post-Race Athlete Database in EXCEL Format;
  • Pre-Race Registration Consulting;
  • Timing Chip Distribution to Your Event Participants;
  • Announcer Computer with LIVE Feed from ANY Timing System;
  • Remote Timing Locations;
  • Multiple Remote Timing Locations with LIVE results feed;
  • Timing for Multiple Events Run Simultaneously;
  • Social Media Postings;
  • E-mail Results to Appropriate Governing Sports Bodies, ie, USAT, USMS, USAC, USAT&F, etc.;
  • Organize and Create On-Line Registration Page for Your Events;
  • Signage for Registration Area;
  • Race Day Registration Data Entry;
  • Race Day Registration Management;
  • Extra Race Clock;
  • Remote Timing Points with Wireless Links to Finish Line;
  • Finish line supplies: Flags, Snow Fencing, Cones, Balloons, etc;
  • Live Results Posted on large TV monitor;

Event Management Services

  • PA System Set Up and Use at Your Event;
  • Finish Line Set-Up with Flags or Inflatable Arch, etc.;
  • Race Day Registration Management;
  • Signage for Registration Area and Course;
  • Organize and Create On-Line Registration Page For Your Event;
  • Obtain Insurance through Governing Sports Body;
  • Order Customized Awards;
  • Order Customized Race Shirts, Socks, Towels, etc.;
  • Bike Rack Rental;
  • Race Course Consulting.